1. To get changed from one's present attire into a suit
"Are we going to that party?"
"Of course we are Ted, so suit up!"
by KenF March 07, 2006
- To grow some balls, as it pertains to the pursuit of women. The act of "suiting up" is a realization of values that make a man attractive to a woman, and a rejection of the values of a man that are idealized in women, but provide no success pragmatically in attraction. This includes rejecting notions of being nice, seeking to be liked for whom you are, and treating a woman well etc. Hence, "suiting up" is a moment of growth and acceptance of such things necessary to attraction as playing hard to get, being rich, being cocky, having good hygiene, and dressing well. This phrase is derived from the physical action of putting on a suit or "suiting up" in order to impress the ladies.
Barney: Hey, did you get lucky on your date last night?

Ted: I treated her with the utmost respect and attention and she told me never to call her again.

Barney: Suit up, buddy.

Joe: Im so nice to women and all they do is shit on me. Time to suit up!
by Steve Brinks November 15, 2010
Vb. The act of putting on or acquiring a suit to place onto your body. Usually said to a bro/wingman before hitting a bar to commence hitting on chicks.
Barney: Ted! Suit up!

Ted: no.
by Theycallmedreww October 17, 2014
1) A desperate attempt to dress like Neil Patrick Harris.

2) To "be awesome".
Eddy Chen wants to suit up!
by Porgo July 04, 2011
To apply, in the case of a male, a condom, before sexual intercourse.
"Laurie, I've gotta suit up before you can ride."
by rayrayrayrayrayrayray November 23, 2009
The call of the native "overdresser". Men who know no bounds of "overdressing" understand this in the context of the phrase.
"We are going to party, Suit up!"

"We are going to party, Birthday Suit up!"

"We are going to party, Flight Suit up!"

etc., etc., etc.
by The Renegade Monkey December 02, 2008
slang for putting on a condom before sex.
guy: lets do it
*girl pulls out condom*
girl: suit up first
by tagster101 September 16, 2008

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