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Farting in your own cube at work. As opposed to crop dusting
I was so busy at work today that I had to resort to a suicide bombing.
by Martha_H December 06, 2005
A very generous act were one or more people show there love to there gods people by killing innocent people. makes no fucking total sense but hey
In a bar 2 lovebugs make there debu at a bar after having a long conversation without taking there eyes off eachother
Rob:(writes on napkin)first kiss time?
Lucy:(writes on napkin) will you still love me in the morning? with slight giggle and gorgeous smile
Rob:(writes on napkin) Forever and ever babe X
they kiss and are truly in love withone another they are loving there life right now.

but no some generous man walks in and shouts "jihad"and ends there lives, fuk i hate this world and suicide bombing
by godlikejew July 19, 2009
a seriers of more then one or more persons with bombs strap around there waist to kill or hurt innocent people more then 4 bombs or more going off in iraq all the time.
Fran Told jessica that iraq is really bad and awful with the suicide Bombings.
by JiM April 08, 2005

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