Top Definition
Her ass is so debu.
by batwinda malika September 08, 2003
Comes from Japanese. Noun or adjective: Fat-ass. Pork beast. One who really enjoys cheese, mayonnaise, fast food, and dessert while at the same time HATES doing anything that requires movement. Fatty McFatterson. Often has fat attacks. Runs out of breath while doing simple activities... like walking.
Noun: Me and the boys gonna go hoggin' tonight, I'ma see if I can get a debu to squeal like a pig for me.

Adjective: Holy shit, that dude is such a circle person. No fuck that, he looks like circle people, the motherfucker is plural. Probably ate too many big macs and thats how he got so debu.
by Nasty Bags February 09, 2010

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