A man wired with explosives that detonates himself in the name of a certain cause.
Another suicide bomber blew himself up in Tel Aviv today.
by Bungalow Bill March 30, 2002
A suicide bomber is where a man defecates on a woman's breasts, then wipes the feces off with pages torn from the Quoran.
Linus gave Sally a suicide bomber last night. Needless to say, Sally's Muslim dad is pretty pissed.
by Ol Dirty Fuka May 03, 2010
Some gay retarded religious fanatics that normally try to hijack airplanes (or steal a bike) and ram it into a tall building while screamin allahmundahahahalokbutt and proceeding to blow themselves up or die of brain concussion (after crashing into a steel building with a bike). Normally asshole muslims.
...nnnnrrrRRWWWWWNNNNNGGGPOW *plane crashes into building killing several hundred civilians*
... ring ... ring ... RING ... RING *bike crashes into tall building killing the retarded rider.*

That's a suicide bomber.
by 1337 H8T0R March 26, 2010
when you see a girl/guy that looks hot as hell from far away until you see them walk closer and turn out to look ugly as shit
a cute girl looks good from far away. she comes closer and your face turns from a smile to a frown because shes ugly as hell. you turn to your friends and yell suicide bomber
by Troublemaker69 April 03, 2011
Before climaxing within a woman's vagina, the man pulls out and, standing over her, begins masturbating furiously. The man then shouts "Allah u Akbar!" and then proceeds to climax on their own face. The Suicide Bomber.
Before climaxing, Jesse shocked the nation when he turned out to be a suicide bomber and climaxed all over his own face. There were two survivors. Nobody was injured, Jesse was just covered in semen.
by n8t the gr8 November 16, 2010
Dude or chick who knowingly bangs someone with HIV and/or AIDS.
Dude, I would totally bang Magic Johnson but I'm no suicide bomber.
by genegine October 14, 2006
A person who farts in a large crowd of people and shows no regard for those around them or even themself. Their main purpose is to release their gases, even if it means standing right in the center of their own stink. The opposite of a crop-duster.
"Damn man...Joe was like a SUICIDE BOMBER the other night man. He would just drop ass and stand there. It was like he was proud of it."
by Crabcakes April 24, 2007
When you are wearing a long coat and you fart, the mell goes up your coat and surrounds your head and you have nowhere to run.
I was walking across the street in my winter coat. I let a fart fly and it was rank. I was a suicide bomber.
by Ron Gross January 18, 2009
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