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An adopted person. This person has:
1. suffered the trauma of being legally and physically separated from his/her original parents.
2. learned to live with strangers who became his/her new family.
The adoptee loves his adoptive parents but still wants to search for his original family.
by gizmo+2 January 16, 2014
A family who lost a loved one fighting for America in a war.
1. The Gold Star Family Member stayed up all night worrying if their loved one suffered before he/she died.

2. Donald Trump tried to trash Gold Star Family member Khizr Khan. The Tangerine Mussolini showed no respect.
by gizmo+2 August 01, 2016
Proud Muslim American. A Gold Star Family member. Speaker at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. His U.S. Army captain son died in Iraq as a result of a Suicide Bomber.
Khizr Khan took it to Donald Trump in his 2016 speech at the Democratic National Convention. Donald Trump went ape shit. He could not handle Khizr Khan’s words.
by gizmo+2 August 01, 2016
Blowing yourself up for a cause, killing many innocent people in the process.
There is nothing to bury when you die as a suicide bomber. You’re in a million, little pieces mother fucker.
by gizmo+2 August 01, 2016
Due to the orange tinge of the make-up he wears on his face and his dictatorial approach to politics, Donald Trump is known as the Tangerine Mussolini.
The Tangerine Mussolini asked Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails.
by gizmo+2 August 01, 2016
Her and her husband, Khizr Khan have been at the center of a controversial back-and-forth with the Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump.

She helped write the speech her husband rocked at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. The speech caused Donald Trump to go ape shit.

Her family is a Gold Star Family.
When Donald Trump goes low, Ghazala Khan and her husband go high.
by gizmo+2 August 01, 2016
Brave U.S. Army Captain who got blown up by a Suicide Bomber in Iraq.
Humayum Khan was awarded the Bronze Star and the Purple Heard.
by gizmo+2 August 01, 2016
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