1) To take one's own life because of a)no will to live life anymore, b)problems that seem unsolvable from that person's point of view, and or also c)people who influence the thoughts and actions of one's life inabling them to live for themselves.

2) A drink that consists of three or more types of a beverage.
1) I want to die because I feel that no one loves me and I have no will to live my life anymore.

2) Sprite, Dr. Pepper, and Bacardi makes one hell of a suicide!
by Brittany Prevent-A-Suicide May 25, 2005
This is for when you're feeling brave and you go to a store (usually a convenience store like 7-11) and you use their fountain drink station to make a "suicide" which is basically a little bit of every single soda...in one cup. So delicious!!
"I can't decide whether I want a Cherry Coke or a Dr. Pepper or a Mountain Dew. Guess I'll make me a suicide".
by XmasJ November 20, 2013
when you mix all the drinks at the soda fountain in your cup.
like coke, sprite, hi-c, lemonade, cherry coke, and whatever else drinks there are all together..
D wanted a suicide so he put all the drinks in his cup together!
by omgitsjessica May 15, 2010
Suicide is when someone feels they have no purpose in life. (They try to kill themselves). Sadly, many people are successful. Suicide is usually caused by bullying or self-hatred. (Self-hatred is usually caused by bullying.) People who are suicidal feel like no one is there or no one will listen. And then the kill themselves. :(
Julie committed suicide because she felt like no one was listening.
by Katofdarkness July 12, 2015
People say suicide is something people do when they give up. That's not completely true. In Hindu culture, if you are not buried people believe you come back as a walking dead being, but your not a zombie. Your human, but yet not human. You don't have a soul. But you have till the age of 21 to find your soul until you die. But if you eat others souls, you will live longer. Suicide is a hard topic to cover. Though people think they know what it means. It's just when you have too negative of a outlook on life, so you think that you will come back as a "souless" being. Or others just want to plainly die.
The boy committed suicide because of the bullies at school.
by Bird12 April 05, 2015
A mix of multiple different soda drinks.
I had a Pepsi-Sprite Suicide last night.
by Ticamai July 31, 2009
Taking bottom position in sex with a fat chick.
Detective 1: They say that his fat wife smothered him during sex.
Detective 2: But his wife did say he asked for the bottom.
Detective 1: Oh, looks like we have a suicide here.
by Joey BR September 15, 2011
1) The act of killing one's own self.

2) Reffering to Suicide Doors on a car: doors that open opposite to regular doors.

3) In drinking: a suicide is a drink made by mixing other drinks into one super-drink. Usually alcoholic, but not always.
1) Mary, after deciding that she has had enough of the world, commited suicide.

2) Did you see that car? It had suicide doors!

3) I invited a few friends over and we drank suicides all night long.
by Ichy June 30, 2006

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