killing the hell out of yourself. spelled with an "a" you dumbasses. not suicidle.
emo scene kid: aww hell man, i'm so sad. i think i'm SUICIDLE.

non attention seeking whore man: shut the hell up you puss, it's suiciDAL. maybe you should just end it.
by gori londa January 06, 2010
Something SO incredibly awesome, so as to be termed "suicidal."
"Dude - Unicorns are SO suicidal..."
"Yeah man, they are totally magical."
by juxtalux December 11, 2009
feeling alone, depressed, emo, sliting your wrist, bacily anything that in the end you can end up dead or killing yourself is classed as suicide or suicidal.
it's amazing how many people have told me not to kill myself but it is not my fult that i am suicidal.
most people that think that that being suicidal is emo, it is true, that obviously, in the end, they are right.
by ~*~ Sweet poisoN ~*~ August 19, 2006
1. being crazy
2. a person down with suicidal tendencies
3. being crazy enough to belive in your self
1.the dudes on the show jackass are suicidal.
2.dude! picking a fight with venice shorline crips is suicidal.
3. i'm suicidal for life.
by cuco October 05, 2003

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