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When a woman sits on the beach in a bikini (or nude) and sand accumulates on her buttocks. Named after the actual bakers confection.
Gonna get me a sugar cookie...
by bmw February 14, 2005
When you are having sex on the beach; you finish all over the girl, grab a hand full of sand and throw it on her and the sand sticks to your baby batter.
We were at the beach and I gave my girlfriend a sugar cookie, she loved it."
by Pdj12 August 05, 2009
Kelsey's sugar cookie is so delicious all the boys want to eat it.
by Angeejuh December 17, 2009
When a girl is blowing you on the beach, you jizz all over her face and then slam her face into the sand. When she sits up she looks like a sugar cookie.
I gave that bitch a sugar cookie.
by Mougl May 29, 2016
a hot girl that is sexy and is great in bed
she was crazy last night! she was definitely a sugarcookie!
by manzanilla April 10, 2006
its just a cool thing to say and whenever someone says it you just have to laugh.
Jew whispered to hippie,"sugar cookie" and he started to laugh out loud in class.
by lafawnduh March 23, 2005
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