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A slang term for the garrison cap worn by United States Navy sailors with the Winter Blue uniform.
I saw Seaman Fagote wearing his pisscutter sideways again. I swear that fool is gonna receive an "unsat" during muster.
by TheDoof February 13, 2008
Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil (i.e. liquid nitromethane and/or diesel fuel) mixture. An explosive composition used by Timothy McVeigh to attack the Alfred P. Murrah federal office building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, when he parked a Ryder truck containing about 6,200 pounds of the substance in front of the building.
Person 1: "If I had some ANFO, I could take out those pesky stumps in my back yard."
Person 2: "But the ATF does not believe people should own ANFO because it is a great equalizer for a people whose government actively seeks to disarm and imprison its helpless subjects."
Person 3: "You are now both on the federal watch list, and I probably am too just for talking with you."
by TheDoof May 04, 2013
When a man flashes his testicles (and only his testicles), pulled up and taught to simulate a lamb's brain. Usually used for offensive humor after the question "want to see a lamb's brain?" or "have you ever seen a lamb's brain?" The person questioned is usually not given time to respond properly before being flashed.
Peter: "Want to see a lamb's brain?"

Brian: "Wha...?"

Peter: (shows)

Brian: "Ewwwww, nasty!"
by TheDoof October 17, 2008

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