Slang for (a cup of) Coffee used in the UK. When a guest called round, the host's usual polite offer of "would you like coffee? do you take milk? how many sugars?" gradually got abbreviated during the 70s until all that remained was the last word, usually phrased as a question, "sugars?".
A good host would also offer eddies to accompany the sugars.
Barker: "Sugars?"
Tender: "Wheyyy... sleee. Got any eddies?"
by Llep Iorwyn July 25, 2006
Top Definition
1. another word for "kiss"

2. an expression of love
"Gimme some sugar, bay-bee!" Mmmm-maH!
by Jiggy-Fly May 29, 2004
A gift from God that for some reason rots your teeth.
What's better than sugar? Nothing.
by A dentist March 27, 2005
A sweet flavored, grainy substance used to add flavor to beverages and baked goods.
I like my coffee with cream and sugar.
by Hanover Booty Contest June 22, 2005
Sweet, sweet lovin from a hot woman
Gimme some sugar baby, I'm all a-hot for it
by Dan_ny October 10, 2007
A Southern term for 'kiss. Often pronounced as 'suga' or some variation therof
Grandpa Henderson--"Give me some sugar, honey"
Grandchild--"Yes, sir"
by Levanthall April 22, 2008
That stuff your old, southern grandma asks you to give her when you come to visit.
Come or' heernt and give your grandma some sugar.
by Michael Hodge April 11, 2005
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