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A response to a pleasantry. The suey is usually given followed by a barrage of show specific sound clips to anyone who happens to use a pleasentry. Made popular by radio station hosts Dan Le Batard and Stugotz of 790 The Ticket in Miami, Fl, and originally created by Luther Campbell.
Hey how are you guys doing? SUEY!!!!!
by toon-X September 12, 2007
Garbage,Whack,and no sense
My friends were about 2 fade in the library.HOW SUEY
by anomynous33015 March 02, 2006
to be high, experience effects of mary jane
i smoked an L and i am sooooo suey!
by ladygagalilmonster August 11, 2011
lame, absence of style, inability to dress fashionably. outdated.
Tanya came to prom with a suey dress on.
by Mek305 March 30, 2006
When your actions suck
Damn Alex that dance was suey my mom can do better
by hitmanpro March 15, 2009
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