A positive adjective used to describe a person, usually male, who looks suave, cool, smooth, and sly all rolled into one.
That guy over there looks so suede...
by [Eskimo] August 26, 2009
Top Definition
not giving a shit about anything, laid back, having many bitches
im so suede, i dont give a fuck about anything while my bitches suck my dick.
by (hcp) project pat February 05, 2008
A very intelligent, witty, and creative man. Extremely attractive to the opposite sex and displays incredible coolness in the face of adversity.
Look at that suede over there. All the ladies trying to get with him.
by Chuck217 April 20, 2006
A form of synthetic cannabis sometimes scented and flavored with fruit. Originally produced in Rochester
I'm about to get some really good Red Suede and get really high
by <(") November 13, 2010
Suede is a creature that feels like your petting an old person's sagging testicles. This creature likes to rub your beard hair, and your long luscious locks on your head. Suede likes to flick pieces of shit onto it's head as one of it's talents. Suede is owned by broriks.
Ew, what the hell is that weird looking thing?!

That's my suede
by Slappa DA bass masta March 12, 2014

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