Put in front of any word, spoken or writen, and it will command anyone to do anything you want them to do.

This command line may only work with linux geeks, if it doesn't work for you, you do not love Tux enough!
Man: Get me my beer
Woman: No, get it yourself
Man: Sudo Get me my beer
Woman: ffs I hate being compelled to get it.
by Rave4Simon December 11, 2006
Top Definition
A Linux/UNIX command (short for SuperUser DO) allowing a user to execute a command that normally only the superuser (root) can perform.
I never login to my server as root, so I had to use sudo to reset your password.
by Geektronica September 03, 2006
Shorthand slang for Pseudo-ephedrine.
"What about sudo man? How are we gonna get that? You think the meth fairy is just gonna bring it to us?”
by RichterEX2 May 30, 2015
One who complains endlessly, possibly in frustration of only having one testicle
Man that faggot is Sudoing about priests again
by idk January 21, 2005
'Kind of' or 'sort of'
I sudo slept in this morning.
by momp January 30, 2008
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