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Sudanese, known for their beautiful dark skin and their warm character. You will often find them together with family laughing and spending time with their many many friends. Sudanese also known for their many different creative hair colours and styles, and their crazy Afros. The country of sudan is in areas, worn torn and broken. But the powerful Sudanese women still stand strong and still celebrate. The Sudanese are a culture of many talents including making handcrafted goods, doing hair, dancing, singing, and having a extremely good sense of humour. A new breed of Sudanese women are rising up, breaking the old system and the old stereotypes. These Sudanese will be leaders.
"The Sudanese are changing."

"I know, they are moving into Kingdom Culture and out of Sudan Culture.""
by Swanhillian December 07, 2013
A person is from the african country, Sudan or whose family are from Sudan
If I were from Sudan, I would refer to myself as a Sudanese when asked what I am
by Miss Know-It All November 25, 2006
Another blight on Australia, these grubs usually show up on leaky fishing boats around Christmas island on a daily basis.

Sudanese are fond of loitering in public places and trying to scab off white people, whilst forever keeping an eye out for their arch enemy, the Aboriginals. They are fond of living in public or at least, budget shared housing with at least 10 times the number of inhabitants deemed safe by council fire regulations.

The smell which emanates from their bodies is also well documented. The combination of rotten eggs, fish heads and stewed marsupials (Roadkill included) has been known to throw even the most experienced Aboriginal tracker off the scent of a freshly wounded boar when their paths cross.

Most Sudanese Immigrants commit an act of rape or burglary within hours of reaching Australia, Though most rape cases go unreported as it is their custom to fornicate with their own siblings whether consensual or not.

It is widely reported that Sudanese engage in homosexual acts, often as a form of debt repayment. If a Sudanese man owes his friend a dollar, and cannot pay, it is custom for him to perform fellatio on that man and each member of his family that may be present in lieu of paying the debt.
Bloke 1 'look at those fucken Sudanese standing around. You can't tell me that many people are waiting for the same bus?' Bloke 2 'Nah they're just hanging around to scab shit. Coons will chase 'em off soon enough'
by brendawg April 15, 2013

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