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One tough Indian.
Did you hear, he got his ass kicked by Sudeep!
by marc December 31, 2003
The best goddamn DJ in the world. This DJ is off the hook. He is also known as "Deeps" or "Dj_DeepS"
"Dj_DeepS is in tha house ya'll"
by Sudeep September 12, 2003
Lick my buttho right quick!
Me: Hey, could you Sudeep?
Person: Excuse me?
Me: You know, lick my buttho right quick!
Person: With pleasure!
by Marcypoo July 22, 2004
Sudeep n. pl. Sudeeps

a. Any of numerous small rodents of the families Muridae and Cricetidae, such as the common house mouse (Mus musculus), characteristically having a pointed snout, small rounded ears, and a long naked or almost hairless tail.

b. a sexy "mofukkah"
a. Dog is to Cat as Cat is to Sudeep

b. you see that guy? damn he was SUDEEP!
by The Jolly Roger July 24, 2004
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