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Pejorative term for South Americans. Not something you would say to someone's face.
The Spaniard told the Argentine, "Callate sudaca gil!"
by Ali June 18, 2006
Pejorative term for South Americans by Spaniards, but now used by Central Americans and North Americans who speaks Spanish language. The voice is an ethnic label that comes either from the Spanish SUDA-meri-CA-no (South American) or that word with a suffix. Sometimes Brazilians are not Sudacas, because they don't speak Spanish. And they can't understand it.
"Cállate sudaca!" or "Shut up sudaca!"

"Argentinians are Sudacas" or
"Bolivians are Sudacas" or
"Peruvians are Sudacas",
by Hernando69 April 14, 2009
Its a peyorative word use to insult Sud Americans people. It's funny, but no too much.
"Argentinians aren't Sudacas, just the Bolivians"
by The Argentinian Bloke July 25, 2007
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