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To overly boast or brag without any reason to do so or even if you do have reason. To alway "one up" and make oneself feel important, great, or superior to others. Generally being a BADASS!! Can be used as noun or verb.....
Also, has evolved to be used as a casual greeting.
Josh has been sudding these girls all night at the bar!!

Cody- "Yo, I have nine bitches on my balls, and I drive the baddest Harley ever"!!

Ferret- To Cody- "SUD"!!!

Anyone: Let's go and sud all night long to these girls, and they better be having us!!!

"I drive a Jaguar"

Other person "SUD"

Greeting: "What are you Suds doing tonight??"
by twinsud March 27, 2011
Beer, but only when it has been earned through vigorous manual labor. Often intoned in a manner channeling Tim Robbins.
A man workin' outdoors feels more like a man if he can have a bottle of suds.
by RC1982 October 21, 2011
straight up douche.
Jack: "look at that guy over there with the visor and gelled hair. OH and he has his collar popped too..."

Jill: "what a SUD."
by IrvingtonC November 26, 2010
Not beers.
stupidpants. B:,

but they're lots of bubbles.
they form together.
like superheroes.
and beardhairs.
"suds suds suds suds suds suds"
by Jimmy January 07, 2005
No balls in chinese. Used as a replacment for no balls.
That guy has sud.
Wow what a wuss, he has sud.
by Jeremy Seet June 04, 2006
The nickname given to someone who jacks off with soap. usually sticks with them for life.
"did you hear that trent jacked off with soap in the shower?"
"god damn suds"
by johnstonjimbofrank October 15, 2009
Shitting upside down. When you take a shit while your upside down.
It's like have your own personal "Ground Hogs Day" S.U.D.
by Nymesis October 13, 2009
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