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suckerfish. noun; a person of varying misfortune. incorporated into a greeting: whats up suckerfish? the lowest of the low, a scum sucker. bottom of the barrel. also see; bottom feeder.
suckerfish; the way dood always macked on his homies girls indicated he was a true sucker fish.
by clive xavier August 25, 2004
A Vietnamese male who falls in love with an American girl because of her secretive ways of charming him.
"You are dangerous. You made me fall in love with you with your charming plot."
"It is not my fault you are a suckerfish.
by Analeena March 10, 2014
1) A fish that goes in a fish tank and eats all the mossy green crap from other fish you have in with the Sucker Fish. (It sucks the side of the fish tank and rocks and other accesories in the fish tank.)

2) An insult. Sometimes people say you look like a sucker fish
maybe because you have a big nose or a round, big mouth.
1) "I bought a Sucker Fish so i wont have to clean my fish tank as often".

2) "Oh my god, Juiley looks like a sucker fish"
by *LUCY*&*HER BUTT* May 08, 2007
To wrap your legs around something and hump it until your genitalia falls off.
I suckerfished your mom last night.
by Suckerfish King May 14, 2004
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