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sucker, loser, or other derogatory term, etc...
"Shut yo mouth suckafish" -Gio
by mongo April 07, 2003
G rated replacement for the phrase, "Stupid Bitch".
Kathy: "yea :("
Victor: "SUCKA FISH!"
by V!k+3® February 17, 2009
The correct term for one who you think is a sucker, loser, or anything else.

OR a phrase said after an accomplishment over another person

The correct usage instead of the word Suckafoo
Wow, that guy is being a total suckafish
by IsabelleC June 22, 2010
to say when mad to confuse someone when use if they ask wat it means dont answer
why r u a sucka fish? hey shut up sucka fish
by crayon smasher February 05, 2011
A Chicago Bears fan.
You lost again sucka fish!
by storygirls October 22, 2010
So your in jail right. New guy = suckafish. Why? Cause I said so, thats why.
*Sittin in jail* jailbird #1:did you see the new guy?" Jailbird #2: "Yeah brah that suckafish jus got in yesterday for kickin a dog er whateva" Jailbird #1 "Showertime!"
by sucker fish, suck a fish January 30, 2012
1.One that is vauge to the current state of events, to his or her group's politics and/or standards and/or fashion 2. To act like a sucka' fish. 2. To be uncool.
Joe: "I think John Denver's lyrics are harder than Ice Cube's."
Jane: "FOO!!! YOU'S A SUCKA' FISH!!!"
by SERENO November 08, 2006

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