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Nexting is a technique used to remove someone from your life in a clean, efficient manner that causes minimal to no drama. Tantrum whores, liars, users, schemers, drama queens, faggots and losers are typically the kinds of people who are subjected to nexting.
Dave: Can you believe it, Katie slept at Mikes house last night.
Jason: WTF, she told me she was at Mels all night and doesn't know anyone called Mike.
Dave: Man I am sick of all her lies, it's nexting time.
Jason: Fuck yeh, nexted.
by L-DogHk August 12, 2009
when you text someone who is sitting right next to you
"I had something to say to my friend, but i didn't want the people around us to hear."

"what did you do?"

"We started nexting each other. It was easy."
by bjornborg June 20, 2009
When an individual sends a text message someone who's sitting next to you instead of simply talking to them
1: Nexting someone because talking is so mainstream
2: I can't believe Larry, he never talks to you. He just sits there Nexting you all day
by Southbound Soul July 01, 2012
Similar to sexting, nexting is the act of sending texts with naked pictures instead of just words. Nexting is used to arouse the receiver, and normally works if the next is hot enough.
Boy #1: Dude, my girlfriend Maya is nexting me!
Boy #2: Holy shit dude show me!
Boy #1: Nah man what are you on, you can't see a naked pic of my girl!
by tanzoro June 05, 2011
The act of sending an internet text message from your cell phone's service provider's website (ie. or
Styles was nexting me earlier, letting me know that his mom took his phone away.
by taylarrrrr July 07, 2010
Texting someone who is standing or sitting right next to you.
I was waiting in line wit my friend for a movie, it was so boring. I was nexting her to tell her how board I was.
by Connor Amans August 12, 2007

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