A phrase used by middle schoolers who try to imitate wrestlers.
Middle schooler: Llllets get ready to suck it!!!!
You: You're lame.
by Danny L. January 16, 2007
A phrase in which you are rudley asked to suck my wee wee
Nigel: suck it motherfucker
by Dannitrgrgrg October 07, 2006
A forceful action to let others know you are extremely disappointed in their actions. Usually performed when an individual is mad and irritated. For best results, perform with a gangster style puffy jacket. The traditional "crossing of the hands" format is still widely used around the world, however the "non-cross" method has been introduced recently. The modified "non-cross" format shows that a man exudes extreme confidence and wants to show off/draw attention to his member
Suck it! (said while rapidly slapping hips in the non-cross format while wearing a puffy jacket)
by Sackit November 12, 2009
the phrase that you can enter into any and all conversation to make it more interesting. And its a nicer way to say fuck you
"During a business presentation"-"Yea so here is a slide of the rainfall percentage in the Amazon, cough...suck it...."

Employee-"Did he just say suck it?, I'm gonna start listening to him now!"
by Legion4242 December 08, 2010
1. One of the few ultimate, universal comebacks in the english language.

2. Short for "Suck my dick," implies them to do just the same.
1. David: "Dude I did your mom last night."
Me: "Suck it."

2. Girl: "What do you want me to do?"
Guy: "Suck it!"
by Psylosis_Bassist September 24, 2007
The verbal phrase of telling an idividual to suck his or hers dick as to experese that individuals fail or pownage.
by The Angery Scottesmen March 12, 2010
when someone makes fun of you and you dont have a comeback
(sarcastically) "hey nice pants". and you know there being sarcastic so you say "suck it"
by garrett vermeersch September 11, 2005
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