suck it is a term used as a insult to either a single person or a large audience../// usually accompanied by a crotch chop were both arms are brought up then thrusted back downward toward the general crotch area.
the wwe tag team dx is famous for coining both the phrase and the crotch chop.

they would scream to the audience if your not down with that then we got 2 words for ya!! suck it!
by garrrrrrrrar May 09, 2009
Phrase, commoningly used in video games, when one person unleashes his or her anger against another person, and wins the battle.

It is also used in common life when one person makes their hands into a "v" shape and brings down to the crotch area, often saying "SUCK IT!"
Dude 1: You can't kill for sh*t man...

(Dude 1 dies)

Dude 2: Ahh yeah bitch, SUCK IT!
by SavageSpartan August 01, 2008
A "fuck you"ish response to any bad situation, person, place or thang.
"Wow, I don't have enough money for rent this month. My landlord can just suck it."
by yomomma78 March 31, 2009
verb phrase meaning to koom
Ho 1: I said I wouldn't koom...tonight...
Ho 2: But you suck it all the time!
by 22cm22 February 16, 2008
1-when you are trying to emphasize a point
2-a statement you say when you were right and someone else was wrong
person 1: "man, you're on a roll today"
person 2: "ohh, SUCK IT!"
by catherine... June 11, 2008
A phrase used in victory in pride. it is often directed to the loser, often followed by a derogatory term, or a name.
Synonym to 'you suck'

Can also be a sexual term.
When Tom won the contest, he yelled "suck it bitch!"
Simmons 2.0 yelled,"suck it Blues!" when he was fighting them.
When Steve beat John in a race he yelled,"suck it John, you cockbite!" and gave him the middle finger, and they both laughed.
by Ditriciser September 01, 2007
= 'suck my dick'

Used as a bad insult, or a way to tell them to get stuffed.
Hey buddy can you lend me your car?
<point at your dick> Suck it!
by fgbak November 19, 2003

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