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(v) to eat shit and die
(v) told to people in an effort to get them to go the hell away and never come back
Basically, a rather frank way of saying that you are very angry at someone and wish them to have the misfortune of having to suck feces through a straw
Yo, I told your mama to suck shit when she told me to got go smoke my crack elsewhere.
by John Denver October 19, 2004
A term used when you gloat over another person's misfortune.
Friend: Damn, I just lost that $10 note.

Me: Suck shit.


Friend: I tried to ask out this hot chick, but she said no.

Me: Suck shit.
by 500%nigger November 26, 2010
1. verb to suck more than normal
2. adjective describing something/someone who sucks more than normal/expected
1. You know who suckshits? Toam suckshit so bad

2. This booze suckshits
by falsealibitotrickyou September 14, 2006
Suck-Shit (noun) - some action or person that's really dreadfully crappy; something worse than the worst.
This day totally sucked. I'm just grateful this suck-shit is over.

OMG, don't cry over him! He treated you like total suck-shit!
by Holly M S September 21, 2010
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