1. Someone who sucks up to others he/she deems superior.
2. One who worships celebrities or big name athletes.
3. Most sports journalists.
4. Jay Leno.
1. "All those douchebags at ESPN do nothing but suck ass."

2. "This Jay Leno guy, he does nothing but suck ass every night on his show."
by Hammerstrike June 10, 2005
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This phrase is an odd variation from the regularly used phrase "that sucks". There are two main definitions of this:

1) in literal terms, putting your mouth to an anus and quickly inhaling, causing a stream of air to be pulled into your mouth from the anus.

2) in slang terms, to be bad. This is how the phrase is most commonly used, and tends to be more intense than the usual "that sucks." "That sucks ass" is like adding a "really" to it.
"She sucks ass!"
"Wait, seriously?"
"Not like that, man"
by Dirty Shoes January 12, 2005
To be bad.
"That movie sucked ass."
by son of stalin February 28, 2003
of such inferior quality as to boggle the mind
This is an aweome song! It's too bad the station sucks ass to the max!
by MM from BB November 11, 2003
1.) Very geographically limited term for "bad."
2.) Used as an expletive in the areas of #1
"That was suckass."

by son of stalin February 28, 2003
A sycophant.

Someone who thinks if they kiss the right ass, it will get them somewhere.

A yes man.

Someone who sits in the supervisers kissing ass in the office everyday trying to get a salaried job.
Everybody hates a suck ass.
by jehosifat July 19, 2005
Like kissass, but worse. Much worse.
That John, such a suckass.
by asdjlhosefhl April 09, 2010
when all you can see is arms and legs dangling from your managers' ass.
If Craig stops quickly, he'll break Vic's Neck.
by Anonymous July 03, 2003

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