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1. The pubic area of a virgin or young girl. 2. The peach fuzzy mound on girls.
That's a cute little sparrow you got there!
by Hammerstrike June 04, 2005
1. Someone who sucks up to others he/she deems superior.
2. One who worships celebrities or big name athletes.
3. Most sports journalists.
4. Jay Leno.
1. "All those douchebags at ESPN do nothing but suck ass."

2. "This Jay Leno guy, he does nothing but suck ass every night on his show."
by Hammerstrike June 10, 2005
1. Dancing like a fucking retard while having a live electric cable shoved up your ass.
2. A bizarre and painful form of dancing where a mental patient shakes his/her body violently after being lobotomized.
"That muthafucka be doing some mad crazy krumping while he out there holding that wire hanger in the middle of that heavy electrical storm."
by Hammerstrike June 29, 2005

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