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A term coined my Metric used to falsely portray a situation that is successful and sexy in order to glamorize it. The term is mostly used to describe how politicians try to create a positive illusion of an unpopular military/political operation.
Metric: "Invasion so succexy".

I'm getting sick of how Bush keeps describing the war in Iraq as being so succexy.
by Gary Gamm September 21, 2006
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to be successful, and sexxy.
like colin farrel for example
by garganthumb May 25, 2005
when success makes an average-looking person sexy
Tod isn't that good looking but because he's first in his class at Harvard, he is quite succexy.
by hollapoppi March 23, 2013
latin for my friend ate a wombat
guy 1: 'eh, succexy'
guy 2: 'thats gross'
by gregory August 04, 2004

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