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made by computer nerds who weren't satisfied with the standard aim profile limit. users of this usually view their own profiles to get "views" or to give a fake sense of their "popularity". some users get so desperate that they make up a screen name and view it themselves to pretend to be popular, and some even sign their own guestbooks. usually includes "i'm bored so i made this", lyrics to shitty songs, or "hey %n, welcome to my profile. it is currently %t and today is %d"

okay, damn it, the limit is 1024 characters, which is way more than enough to give a shoutout to your one friend from school. and it's fucking called a profile. a profile was originally intended to give away personal information, not type random shit for no reason to yourself for no reason.
SubProfile: Click to Continue.
please view my subprofile and sign the guestbook!!
by kevin February 07, 2004

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