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Similiar to Motor Boating, only submarining involves a really loose girl so that you can effectively motorboat her cooch.
truf truf truf
da da da
"yo, u know tits-magee?"
"yea, you could use D's-magees'pussy as a slingshot"
"I know, I submarined her last week"
"you no good, submarining son of a bitch!"
by Da da da May 27, 2006
The act of motor-boating the vaginal lips during oral sex.
Her snatch tasted so good i submarined that shit!
I LOVE Submarining!
by Nilentropy July 18, 2010
Being online on a web messenger service but appearing as if you were offline.
Ash: "Are you submarining again?"

Cynthia: "Yes, I don't want to be bothered by all of my contacts, so I answer only those I want to talk to."
by cyncyncynthia February 03, 2008
Stealthily surfing the internet at work. Screens are switched quickly when someone walks by your desk so they don’t see you surfing the internet, when you should be working. ‘Surfing' is on top of water but you had to go underwater when someone came by...Submaringing.
Lisa from HR walked by my desk, so I went into stealth mode and was Submarining the internet.
by Puma Lisa and Whittakered March 26, 2010
your in a nighlub and youve run outta money, whats the last option, go round submariing other people half finished drinks!
c'mon on got any dosh, better go submarining now?
by digital tench July 03, 2009
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