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Subeta is a PG-13 virtual pet site. As of now, there are nearly 100,000 members, 51 pet species, 19 different colors available for each pet, and 5000+ items. Which is relatively small compared to other leading virtual pet sites. Subeta was started by 16-year old Keith Kurson, and he currently runs Subeta with many admins and artists who provide Subeta's items and pets. Subeta contains many games, quests, galleries, and shops where sP - subeta points, the currency of Subeta - can be spent.

It is a site that is similar to Neopets, with some calling it a direct imitation, although it is aimed at a slightly older demographic and has different (and generally more lenient) rules.

You can also upgrade your account by buying a Gold Account, or GA. They cost $5 and allow you things like extra pet slots, your own avatar, an "autopricer" for your shop, etc. Despite common misconception, buying a GA does NOT give you any in-game money, it only gives you non-profitable perks, and whether or not you have purchased a gold account doesn't help or hinder you advancing in the game.
Unobservant6164: Y U HAV 2 PAY MONIES 4 SP ON SUBETA?
Normaluser: Uhh, you don't. Just play the games and do quests
Unobservant6164: THATS 2 HARD 4 ME >:
Normaluser: Then you're too retarded for subeta. Go join neopets.
by C: June 28, 2006
A Japanese slang, used as a derogatory word for a woman. When translated to english it means "Bitch".
"Onore Subeta!" roughly translates to "You Bitch".
by NervousClassGoerSaysRoar April 08, 2011
A pet site with PG-13 content that can be fun when it's not undergoing it's large amount of downtime.

It has a close-knit community among its users, usually only having up to 2,000 members maximum on at one time.

The staff are real people, but sadly some of the staff on the site are bias against their own users whom which they are there to help. This harassment by the sites own admin has lead to people getting frozen or leaving the site.

Subeta has the potential to be an awesome site, but is being held back by an owner who barely keeps up with his site anymore and the incredulous amount of downtime encountered (usually keeping the users hopes up by telling them there won't be much more downtime, right).
User: I need to check on Subeta and see if that person has responded to my offer on that trade yet.

(types subeta.net in seachbar then sends)

Subeta: MySQL Error (Picture of Squirrel)

by Queebish February 12, 2009
another word for a petsite with a gay gothic (no joke!) owner. Such said owner is harsh and only wants money, claiming to spend over a grand a month on servers.
User: *buys donation items at 2.50 a pop, 10 total*
Admin: Ohhhh money!!!
User: Ohh presents for myself... lets see the items now!
Admin: Yikes!!! cant let these items get out... no one will buy presents!

*next day*

User: FROZEN!?! What for *emails frozen -at- subeta.org*
Support staff: *Ignores email and laughs at the fool*
Admin: Yep... another paying frozen user!
by old subeta player February 04, 2007
An online "pet" site, using the Neopets concept.
Created by teenage slacker Keith Kurson, it has been the target of attacks by online communities due to its almost plagiaristic nature and its tendency to rape one's wallet.
User1: Imma get mes a $20 angelic potion from Subeta! =D
User2: *Shakes Head*
by AlbertMond May 07, 2008
Subeta is very much like neopets without the flash-games.
They use "Quests" to generate commerce and need for their items. Players however will undercut one another 50% or more on items they try to stock in their shops ofen driving prices down to a few points within hours. Restocking is simple but frustraiting as other players will devalue your stock within a very short period of time. Regardless of their economy issues, you can make quite a large amount of points in a short time on subeta. You can own your goal pets fairly fast and pretty much aquire most of what you want to fill a gallery. The biggest problem is, there is really nothing much to do with your points after you've gotten to your goals and no games to play to keep your attention.
Roleplaying is big, lots of discussion about alternative lifestyles, and a very cliquish feeling accompany this site.
There of course are many friendly folks, but by and large most players do not respond well to questions or inquiries about trades which hardly ever include an asking price. Mostly due to the undercutting practice. Asking what they would accept often ends up getting you flamed or blocked.
By the same token, offering an amount they don't like gets you the same treatment. It's almost best to avoid the trades.
Subeta Item 1 Rarety 90 selling price 200K
Player A thinks "Oh look, an item i have is selling for 200K, I think pricing it at 500sp will sell this faster!"
Players b, c, d, e, f, and g all use auto pricer on their items.
Within seconds a semirare 200K item is now selling at 500sp with too many to buy up and resell.

Subeta-mail to person with trade item: "hello, I see you have a Item1 in your trades. None are priced, No one knows how much it goes for on the boards and I'm willing to offer whatever you want. Can you give me a ballpark figure?"
Reply: "BLOCKED n00B!"
Reply2: no answer
Reply3: "I clearly stated not to ASK me what I want!!"
person trying to buy item: " Ok, how about I offer 800K?"
Reply3a: "BLOCKED N00b!!"
It doesnt pay to use the trades.
by Lone Gamer November 20, 2006
I complete rip off of all those other shitty how-to-waste-your-life games.
It is allways braking down, most the staff are so mean and vile, and The annoying people are a piss take.

Subeta isn't always bad, mind.
It has cute pets, and things to do if you honestly cant find a better site to go on.
Examples for subeta
Example one
Foreign new person- Bonjour! Hallo! Cioa! tih!
Admin-You are blocked becuase you're not English and non-English people aren't allowed to dwell in our awesomeness site.
Foreign new person- I not understand what?

Example 2
New person-Hi I'm new I dont know how to get sP could somebody help me?:3
Admin-Sure thing! spend your money on our pixels! :D
New person- Ok, I'll go get my credit card and waste all my moms monies!

Example 3
Annoying person who thinks there it in the shoutbox-
Oh my god. I'm so freezing myself. I've been here for 2 years and I just dont like it so I'm going to kick a fuss in the shoutbox so that everybody knows my pain.
Admins and therebummers-OH NOES DONT LEAVE US D:
-carries on for about 4 hours-
Annoying person-Why everyone hates me I neverget stuff.
-is sent a bunch of shit-
Annoying person-OMGZZ now i'll stay after kicking up a fuss and making people send me things.:'D
by thisone September 17, 2007