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A pet site with PG-13 content that can be fun when it's not undergoing it's large amount of downtime.

It has a close-knit community among its users, usually only having up to 2,000 members maximum on at one time.

The staff are real people, but sadly some of the staff on the site are bias against their own users whom which they are there to help. This harassment by the sites own admin has lead to people getting frozen or leaving the site.

Subeta has the potential to be an awesome site, but is being held back by an owner who barely keeps up with his site anymore and the incredulous amount of downtime encountered (usually keeping the users hopes up by telling them there won't be much more downtime, right).
User: I need to check on Subeta and see if that person has responded to my offer on that trade yet.

(types subeta.net in seachbar then sends)

Subeta: MySQL Error (Picture of Squirrel)

by Queebish February 12, 2009

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