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Obvious, heavy-handed. The opposite of subtle. (The 'bb' is pronounced.)

The movie's syrupy score was so subbtle, you had no choice of how to watch it. It was a weepy melodrama. Period.
by Mike P. Grant, Esq. March 17, 2007
A mix between 'Subtle' and 'Subdued'
He was quite Subbtle
by Jon Lane September 10, 2006
the unrecognized pho-pauX that can result from mizpellin or mispronouncing words, especially those that have silent letters (like corPsman)
"have you noticed the suBBtle way a teleprompter often diminishes a speaker's ability to become known as a great orator.."

"..that was so suBBtle that even the un-Biased mainstream press didn't catch it either.."

"maybe they don't teach those suBBtlties at HaRRvord.."
by op_position February 06, 2010

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