Student Union
You of to the SU tonight?
by Someone121111111 January 20, 2011
S.U. (said 'S-U' not 'sue') stands for socially unacceptable. It can be used in many ways but is often used as an exclamation. It describes situations which are akward, tense, or actions which are inappropriate in a given situation, or simply unacceptable according to social norms.
Did you just ask that complete stranger if you have something in your teeth? SU.

That girl is so werid. All I have for here are two words... SU.
by K,K&S April 08, 2007
Derived from the abbreviation for “Student Union”, an S.U. is a smug, overprivileged young man from a middle class background who attended a private school before whatever costly further education he is currently in.
The sort of person Radio 1 wish their listeners were (rather than 40 year old forklift drivers), he will be studying a subject that is either ridiculously easy or meaningless, will never have had a job and will be financially reliant on his parents, whom he has already cost an astronomical amount.
Dressed in “Surf” fashions), these Prince Harry lookalikes (there are a disproportionate amount of pale ginger ones) blight cities bleating at the top of their lungs at their idiotic flatmates, buying pints of cider on their discount cards before sicking them up over halls of residence balconies.
At some point, borrowing Mum and Dad’s BMW just isn’t enough anymore and said parents will have to cough up for a “Gap Year” (despite the 20 or so he’s had already) wherever he’s heard there are prostitutes and weed. He will return from the trip to loudly tell everybody “What a real eye opener” the poverty he saw there was, despite there being districts not much better off a couple of miles from his parents’ £300,000 semi. In the unlikely event of finishing university, the S.U. will most likely take up work in Subway or Burger King but in some cases will swap his Che Guevara hoodie for a suit and go to work for an oil company or the government.
Geoff: "How did your gig go the other night, Jim?"

Jim: "Terrible. It was a student bar. Just a crowd of up their own arse S.U.'s!"
by UpYourKilt August 28, 2011
A shortened version of the word suicidal. It is used as an exaggeration, not to be taken serious. Usually the word will be used as a complete overreaction to what actually happened.
"Im su the Cowboys lost."

"Im su I didn't get french fries with my burger."

"Im so su about going out to eat with him tonight"
by MAdams1 August 12, 2011
Shutup, a cleaner version of STFU (Shut the fuck up)
<Hex> I had such a dirty shit just now!
<Terran-Ghost> SU, for the love of god SU!
by Terran-Ghost June 03, 2003
A peticular person close to you that you use as a nickname when they are to be honest, doing really anything.
"Pelon, you make my life."

"why are you not answering my phone calls?"
"don't worry about it, su! :)"
by sincerely_su June 24, 2009
Stumbleupon, the social channel surfing network.
I've rated 1000 pages on SU
by nome May 18, 2007

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