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Not worried or bothered by another person, their actions, or their property.
A dude walks in to a club with his wingman and a girl immediately checks him out Wingman: She's all about it. You should knock her down.
Man: I ain't stuttin dat ho.

Someone is talking alot of shit after a hard foul on the basketball court
Foul Perpetrator: I ain't stuttin you nigga.

Someone is wearing a nice grill and people are all on it Person 1: That grill is cold!
Person 2: I ain't stuttin that shit.
#stuttin #stutting #stuttin' #stut #stutted
by Iced_queen October 24, 2008
to have plenty of money and or nice valuables
Did you notice the car he was driving, and the watch he was wearing? He is Stuttin
#studin #grindin #on deck #on point #flashin #bling
by Green eyes 4 you August 29, 2008
when your balls stick to the side of your leg, because of sweat.
guy 1: dude im stuttin like hell.

guy 2: what the fuck?

guy 1: basically my balls are stuck to the side of my leg.

guys 2: wow...that blows.
by Reppin Da Tree Oh Figh February 17, 2005
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