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Short for prostitute.
"Where the stutes at?"
by Senor Marveloso September 21, 2007
Sorority sister aka a "sorostitute". Prefers "stute" b/c it is an abbreviation of sorostitute w/o the negative connotation of "sorostitute" that GDI's try to give it, even if sorostitute is tongue-in-cheek wordplay, not offensive. Also prefers stute b/c GDI's don't know the word.

From the gym, class, community service, a game or grocery store, is always tastefully attired (though even if wearing a sack, would do so with style &decorum). Sundress, biz suit, sunglasses, pearls, North Face, Nike Shox, Rainbows, cap. Dates a fratdaddy. Parties Th, Fr, Sat. Sings w songs loudly at bars. Doesn't care if people stare; they're jealous or uptight.

Selects pledges carefully. Politely declines those lazy, don't care about themselves & others & who don't have a sense of social responsibility & values. Pulls the best out of them, involves a lot of stress & a lot of support.

As professional already been in leadership positions, dealt with personalities, responsibility & organized, motivated. Avoids pretentiousness, pettiness & cattiness. Often leader at her work, church, community & wife of a fratdaddy & fratmom. Helps sisters b/c she's committed to sisterhood. Not a man-hating feminazi but a self respecting woman. She also helps fratdaddies too. She's better, but treats other people with grace & respect. B/c she's a stute.

Not a spoiled, bitchy, princesses in Juicy attire, track suits, or "typical" girls from the NYC metro area or those who reek of trashiness & entitlement.
"Man, I can't deal with these skanky, classless GDI chicks. You know, every girl should be a stute. Ever heard of a Plan A that was a GDI?"
by Blanche Devereux May 10, 2010