Resident legend.
I decree thee Stupy; a fine member of society and worthy of much adoration.
by Stuart October 12, 2003
Top Definition
A cute way to call something/someone stupid.
That toy is so stupy.
She was so stupy for doing that.
That person is such a stupy-head
by Kamia June 26, 2003
Pronunciaton: Stew-Pee
A stupid person. If you need to use adjacent link, you are a stupy
"Andrew's a stupy!"
by Amanda Hug&Kiss September 20, 2005
Pronunciation: Stew-Pee
A stupid person. stupid
If you have to use adjacent link, you are either an ESL or a stupy. "Andrew's a stupy" ESL
by Amanda Hug&Kiss September 26, 2005
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