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absolutely amazing at anything you do. Not only does it mean that a person has limitless abilities, but they are also incredibly intelligent and overwhelmingly good-looking. Pretty much the people that everyone else want to be...chea
"Wow, I wish I were a stupie like them."
by Stupie Doo August 27, 2008
a society of great men and future physicians in Chicago, IL whose incredible knowledge and unmatched abilities are only surpassed by their indescribable sexiness...chea
"Wow, I really wish I were cool enough to be a stupie"
by Stupie Doo August 26, 2008
1. an annoying and lame individual 2. an idiot 3. silly 4. frustrating Also stupie-head, uber-stupie, and stupie-fuck
My math teacher assigned homework over vacation; how stupie is that? or Stop being stupie. or You're a stupie.
by Zillian May 19, 2004
a combination of stupid and a pathetic squirrel
She is so stupie that she does not even know how to turn on the television.
by Risca Putri April 23, 2003
A stupie is much like a selfie, except a stupie is a random picture of anything you want it to be. Then shared on a social media site.
Omg let's take a stupie of this floor and post to Facebook.
by Udiealot81 August 30, 2014
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