Monique is a stupid face.
Monique is a stupidface.
by Mista. Alex Waldbaum June 13, 2004
when a girl is giving you head and you unexpectedly ram your penis as far as it will go and she will create a kodak moment stupid face
kayla was giving me head on the hill and i made her stupid face-Tyler
by OMEN April 22, 2006
Face you give to stupid people.
Caroline gave the stupid face to Naomi and told her to take a shower.
by MaryOfNazareth January 12, 2005
stupidface -- person who is Gloria and has a face exhibiting stupidation.

synonyms: stupidhead, poopbutt, Gloria, etc.
Gloria is a stupidfaced poopbutt.

Gloria exhibits classical stupidfacedness.
by Diddly March 03, 2005
an acronym for "smelly tigers unfortified poop issuganamanala dufus freedom acne colorific eeeeeeeee"

or a stupid person w/ a face
You are a stupid face
by er and leen (2 cool cats) May 10, 2003

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