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the biggest pimp in the word, really cool person.
man he's an amato, or man he is so amato
by jerry October 05, 2003
Verb: The act of being completely oblivious to events going on around you. The act of being very smart only to be overcome by stupidity.

Adjective: An individual with no form of common sense.
Getting into a bright red car parked RIGHT next to your friends blue car at the grocery store... dude you just pulled an Amato

Asking a series of repetitive question only to never understanding the blatantly obvious answer... okay Amato

by C.J. and Jim December 08, 2008
An amato is the drunk guy you can't take outside the door of his own home. Always insulting people and getting too loud. He thinks he's the shit despite a shot to the leg with a Tek9 (point blank). He put it there himself.
" Damn, you were just amatoed !!"

" He ain't nothin but a fucking amato."
by faeri January 10, 2004
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