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1.When a stunt is extremely well performed and origanal.

2.The name of a Stuntake sampler.
1.That was stuntastic!

2."Stuntastic" sampler by Iceberg and Blaze.
by Richieboy September 13, 2005
7 26

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"A combination of Stunning and Fantastic for something or someone that emulates a site that has never been seen before".
"That shirt you got on, is stuntastic"
by Lemuel Williams May 12, 2003
44 20
A mixture of stunting and fantastic. When you have something that enables you to stunt and its so hot its making people say damn and bitches say i want him to smash.
" damn yo how much was your chain?"
" 15 g's son"
" yo mine was 40"
" what?!? thats stuntastic!"
by Jon Beezy February 23, 2005
26 14
A state of total confidence in oneself; Visually pleasing to yourself and others around.
I stay hella stuntastic at all times
by DNYCE May 19, 2007
12 12