Top Definition
a. in complete bewilderment or astonishment
b. in a state of inertia
very common in Australia
"Like a stunned mullet" "He just stood there like a stunned mullet"
by mullet man 25 April 03, 2008
A sneaky sexual move to illicite a look of absolute suprise (refer Stunned Mullet above) on your lady friend.

When your wife/girlfriend/flatmate is sitting peacefully on the sofa (watching TV) sneak up behind her with your cock out. Slap her head with it. The look of astonishment will be priceless
Jarrod's mum nearly died when I gave her a stunned mullet the other day. His Dad is trying to kill me.
by williamshatnerspants July 29, 2009
A lesbian taken by surprise.
When Tamsin learned that DeShonda wasn't moving in on the second date, Tamsin was a stunned mullet.
by The Section on Lesbiatrics December 12, 2008
A shit found floating in the surf
As Shane was catching a wave he noticed a stunned mullet floating by
by toilet mouth October 30, 2003
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