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This phrase is usually used as "You can stuff your sorries in a sack, mister!", meaning that however much a person apologizes, their apology will not be accepted. Made popular by George in the Seinfeld "India" episode.
Jerry: George, I'm sorry I slept with Nina.

George: You can stuff your sorries in a sack, mister!

Jerry: I wish you'd quit saying that!
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by Pork King November 09, 2005
Usually phrased as "Stuff your sorries in a sack, mister!", it basically means "your apology is not accepted".

Originally used by the character Oscar Madison in the tv show "The Odd Couple" in the episode "Strike Up the Band... Or Else" (S5E6 October 17, 1974).

Later popularized by the character of George Costanza in the tv show "Seinfeld" in the episode "The Betrayal" (S9E8 November 20, 1997)
FELIX: I'm sorry I snapped at ya Oscar.
OSCAR: Stuff your sorries in a sack, mister!
MURRAY: Hey that's a good one Oscar!

JERRY: (To George) I said I was sorry.
GEORGE: You can stuff you sorries in a sack, mister!
JERRY: Would you please stop saying that?!
#rejected apology #sorry #george costanza #seinfeld #oscar madison #the odd couple
by appleye October 28, 2011
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