When You Throw A Sticky Grenade At An Enemy In The Popular Video Game Halo2, You Are Required To Yell This Out.
"Come on! Come on! Yes! STUCK!!! N00b!!!!
by TacoBandito April 21, 2006
Piece of crack with the value of $20.00 you buy for 10 and sell for twenty for a profit of $10.00
You: let me get 100$ worth of stucks
Dealer: here you go bra 10 stucks make u 200$..
by straight dope April 05, 2014
A combination of the words sucks and sticks.
"Damn, that Backstreet Boys sticker Stucks!"
by Christina Trovato Johan Eriksson January 16, 2008
nigga you about to get stuck, stole, and snuck
by random_scrub October 23, 2003
Achieving your climax from abusing a drug. Most commonly used with Marijuana, Cocaine, and Crystal Meth. At this point you are in a state of nirvana, your mind and reactions are completely controlled by the drug. You feel stuck with whatever happens until you come back down.
(after using alot of a drug)

"Wow guys, I'm stuck."

(sit there quietly and stare while to try to control yourself having little idea of what happening around you.)
by bobily February 20, 2010
abbreviated version of Starbucks, slang for Starbucks
"let's go to Stucks"
by sandra-emili July 28, 2006
1. Something that is or can be very fast.

2. Something that is very aesthetically appealing

Origin: Things that are fast are said to be "stuck in the past." Simply just say 'Stuck' instead.
1. "Yo man, that Aston Martin is fuckin' STUCK!"

2. "Dude, that chick is stuck!"
by m00se123 August 25, 2008

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