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4 definitions by terrorist

to land a sweet trick.
You should have seen me nail that 360.
by terrorist March 05, 2005
131 86
what you say after landing a trick on a skateboard, snowboard, etc.
Did you see me nail that trick. I stuck it.
by terrorist March 05, 2005
8 3
Being attacked by terrorists.
We was terrroristerized in 2001
by terrorist February 03, 2005
4 4
'Anyone who is not with us.' Anyone producing 'weapons of mass production.' Anyone who does not agree entirely with Shrub. Anyone who thinks the U.S.A. needs a regime change(which we do.) Anyone who likes the "CT" shrub. Due to the patriot acts, anyone can be a terrorist, and can be held for an undefined length of time, with no trial, without any consideration to the Geneva Convention, or the Constitution.
The Frenchman was considered a terrorist, because he was not completely with the United States.
by Terrorist May 11, 2003
929 945