A slang term for a cigarette
as in 'mate can you spot me a stub?'
by Simon de montford May 30, 2009
The awsome, kick-ass, beer chuggin' buddy with a 1/2 an arm
Damn stub, did you lose your arm in a shark attack??
by Riggs85 May 20, 2009
A firecracker in a cylindrical shape such as black cats or M-90's.
Mike -Johnny only lit one stub the other day.
Bill -What a pussy!
by LetsGoRedWings93 July 10, 2008
A kid who acts like a big dick that thinks he is hot shit.. but has trouble lifting pencils..
Person #1" Shut up stubs, go pop some enzite."
Stubs "dude i could beat your ass."
by Chicken Bawk Bawk May 22, 2006
A nickname given to teenage girls for having stubby hair on their legs or arm-pits.
Stubs went to school today
by Dave Corrigan June 16, 2004
pertaining to receiving oral sex. as in getting stub.
Oh bob, your wife gave you stub? Hope you used protection!
by math and art. January 05, 2009
The Great Stublinko, Master Of all

Oh yes sir Stublinko, I will obey thee My Great Lord!
by -GeineD- February 05, 2003

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