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hansons(the boy band) way of trying to spell strewn.:p
"Wings are strune everywhere, there's blood all around .'Cause even angel's die, but that light just fades "
by halo from a pixie<3 April 04, 2005
1 8
The testicles after being shrunk by the use of steroids; Tiny roid-testicles.
Brian: Tyler's on ROIDS!
Tyler: Shut up fatass!
Brian: Fuck you strunes!
by free-balling21 September 18, 2008
18 1
An Italian slang word used in the Godfather series as an insult. You will hear the word used in the Northeastern part of the United States, primarily by Italian-Americans.
"Did you see Steve on the dance floor?" - Meatball

"Yeah bro, he dances like a fuckin strunes" - Waffle
by Trunks, Forbe$ February 13, 2013
3 0