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(n.) From the Italian "strunzo," meaning "piece of shit." A fairly common Italian insult for someone or something worthless.
Get a load of this strunz out here, sleepin' on the job!

My lawnmower's a fuckin' strunz. It won't start for nothin'.
by Talmanes May 21, 2006
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A fat Sack of shit, Shitcunt

Chris Capponi You Strunz
by Cazzincool April 11, 2006
1. A slang italian word for turd.
2. A long,thin turd. Kind of the way a dog might crap.
3. What you might call someone as a putdown.
4. Another word for calling someone a skinnyshit.
1. Shut up you strunz.

2. Your dog left a strunz on my porch you STRUNZ!

3. STRUNZ! I hit my thumb with the hammer!

4. Strunz and double strunz.
by johnny2shoes July 21, 2006
A person who think he's funny, when he's really not.
St. Anger you're a strunz!
by Los. T December 09, 2006

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