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From the Shakespearean word strumpet, meaning prostitute, street walker, lady of the night, hooker, or sausage wallet. Typically used in reference to someone who is available for a very low sum of money or who as four or more STDs.
Forsooth, young Tybalt, methinks yonder strump thither shalt juggle mine ball sack for nigh but a sixpence.
by Annie Nomous August 30, 2007
What you settle for after there is not an available sweet scally. Basically, this is a girl that is alright but will probably put out. Strump is usually preceeded with 'dirty' as in 'dirty strump.'
Don't really see any sweet scallys tonight, but I do have a couple dirty strumps lined up.

God, this dirty strump just won't go away.
by Hulashakes October 12, 2005
1) The verb form of "strumpet". To be used when one is acting/appearing like a strumpet, seducing someone, etc.

2) Could be used more precisely when strutting like a strumpet. Strut + strumpet = strump.
1) Gee, Jane, you're really strumping it up today with the lingerie and ten Spanish lovers. Awesome!
Jane: My my, Marcos, you look mighty fine today! I just want to strump you! Marcos: Awesome!

2) I was just strumping into a building and managed to capture the eye of a certain fellow on my way in. He was a drunk, heavy smoker, and big enough to liquify my bones with a hug. Awesome!
by Ruffles_and_bows January 12, 2011
To drive at a high rate of speed down a well-known, empty highway. Generally strumping is characterized by the gentle bouncing that occurs as the vehicle passes several sections of uneven pavement in rapid succession.
Yo, I was strumpin' up and down I-95 for like 45 minutes trying to find that scunt's crib.
by DangerMouse83 February 26, 2007
Strump: When your having your morning stretch, and a fart slips out (aka - trump, English slang for Fart)

This is very difficult to achieve. When you stretch, your body becomes tight,
making very hard to pass gas. Very skilled accomplishment.
Woman: Aaahhhh, that felt good
Man: Did you just... STRUMP?
(the man was amazed at her abilities)
by Nelson's January 12, 2007
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