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to be hurting or yearning for something to do, fuck, drink, smoke or just overall make oneself happy
Tariq: there is nothing to do son
Me: you're strugglin

after remaining abstinent for 3 months, I realized I was in the struggle
by Potato January 11, 2005
18 10
when one is broke and is having a hard time getting paid.
cause of his background/skin color/education etc. etc.
G: yo how much u put in today son?
D: man u wont believe what im going thru.
G: whats up?
D: if i dont pay my bills by the end of the week they gone kick me out of my house.
G: ....
D: not only that but my girlfriend left me.
G: your strugglin, pick your shit up nigguh
by gr4ndhustle June 14, 2007
15 3
of a low level of skill
man that team is strugglin
by brewskis January 11, 2005
22 10
when things just aren't going your way
Dude 1 - man, i'm broke, my girl dumped me, and i'm failing school...
Dude 2 - strugglin....
by ClayClay October 08, 2007
10 5
to be lacking in style, cleanliness, personality, or appearance
fuck ms brill, that bitch is strugglin

sonnnnnnn, that pussy is strugglin. you dont even know son
by Potato January 11, 2005
13 8
Describes someone who is wearing either k-swiss, or a single-strap backpack.

really strugglin describes someone wearing both k-swiss and a single-strap backpack.
A:"you see that guy wearing the one-strap backpack?"
B:"man, that guy is strugglin."
by longbeachmurda April 06, 2010
7 9
A name for someone who makes stupid comments, jokes, etc.
"His jokes are not funny, he's S.T.Rugglin"
by nathank October 14, 2003
1 7