it means a prostitute walking around a block,usually a young favored prostitute.this is a term used by san diegans for prostitution done by young women or even teenagers.its a new word started in 2010.ussualy you will see young looking women on a block walking around in skimpy clothes giving signals to cars that is a strollie. They are usualy located in city heights,national city,el cajon, downtown.
for example-
R-wheres that strollie B?
B-she on her block,runnin fo her money.
R-good she better be on that stroll
B-what street she on we got a call fo a big trip they want strollies fo the next few days.
by j&u February 19, 2011
1. A name you call a male or female who talk to multiple people at one time, but end up choosing one or

2. A male or female that has had sex with plenty of people in period of time.
B: Damn, I heard Katy's a Strollie!
G: No, there's no way!
B: I swear! While talking to Jay, she was also talking to 8 other guys!

She's just one of those girls that strolled through the guys at school.
by Baby lala May 11, 2012

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