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Someone, while drinking alcohol, has a delayed reaction to speaking and has the facial expression of someone who has suffered from a stroke.
Jimmy consumed so much alcohol that when he attempted to speak, he became strokefaced.
#slurred speech #drunk idiot #idiot #facial expressions #delayed speech
by Drew32 September 07, 2007
Strokeface occurs when binge drinking and achieving a drunken status into well past the level of blackout.

Can occur between 12+ to 15+ alcoholic drinks, depending upon weight, size, and tolerance.

Strokeface characteristics entail, the slur of speech, yelling, destruction of other people's things, and even your own things, sloppiness, temporary facial and eye droop, inappropriate aggressiveness towards women, starting and loosing a fight, possibly disregarding law enforcement/police in a disrespectful fashion with no regard for embarrassment.
From playing 26 games of beerpong in 3 hours, I strokefaced onto the beer pong table, knocking everything over.

My strokeface was on so hard last night and I broke that!

Yo, I got so strokefaced last night that I took my shirt off at the bar and swung it around my head.

Dude, You were so strokefaced last night that your face reminded me of the incredible hulk.
#strokeface #drunk #drinking #party #college #games #going out
by stroke face killa September 11, 2008
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